Axim Mica is America’s only ISO: 9001 2015 certified manufacturer and supplier of mica based insulation materials. Since our inception, we’ve specialized in the use of mica for manufacturing dielectric and thermal mica insulating materials that can cope with the demands of high-temperature applications and produce optimal results. Our mica based insulation materials service over 50 industries like: aerospace, energy, automotive, and more. This value is evident throughout our manufacturing process - right from procurement and getting the mica scrap ready to manufacturing the mica paper and then finally using it to make insulation material that meets the highest international industrial standards. Our state-of-the-art, fully integrated manufacturing facility enables us have complete control over the production process, which has made us the preferred mica material suppliers in the United States.

Axim Mica has over the years evolved in congruence with the dynamic market needs for high temperature thermal and dielectric products. We use the highest quality mica to produce insulation materials for different applications keeping the required thermal and electrical characteristics in mind. Our team of 10 in-house specialists and designers are equipped to meet the specific industrial requirements and deliver on time, every time. This is done by optimally utilizing in house resources, technology, and equipment to design products that serve their purpose in the best possible manner.

Our growth has its foundation on our capability to innovate. After years of deep research and consistent performance, we have become the most sought after mica insulation material suppliers. Our goal is to provide customers with the highest quality of service and on-time delivery of superior mica products at competitive pricing. This customer centric approach has helped us consistently grow as mica paper manufacturers in NJ right from the time we started out.

Mica has exceptional thermal properties and we have the expertise to use those in developing a portfolio of enduring and efficient mica based insulation materials for application that require heat protection. Our mica insulation products can withstand very high temperatures - from 200°C to 900°C and beyond (subject to environment conditions and pressure).

We are proud to say that we have the largest inventory of products. From high temperature mica insulation sheets, mica cable tape, and mica tubes, washers, and gaskets to flexible mica composites, mica slip plane, mica commutators, fabricated mica parts, teflon, mica flakes for sale, and more - you can find all these products at Axim Mica.

Some of the features of our mica based insulation materials include

  • Superior finish
  • Resistance to heat
  • Resistance to abrasion
  • Easy to install

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AXIM MICA specializes in high temperature thermal and dielectric products, such as mica, ceramics and teflon in tubes, tapes, washers, sheets, paper and custom fabricated parts. Axim Mica is committed to meeting customer requirements, on-time deliveries and continual improvements of products and services manufactured.

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