V-1 Mica: The Axim Advantage

Axim Mica has a proprietary in-house process to ensure all V1 Mica is scratch-free, burr free, and imperfection free.

Axim Mica offers the largest stock lists of high quality (V-1/V-2 graded) mica in North America. V-1 quality mica is graded based on its cleavability and transparency. Freshly cleaved V-1 mica provides a surface that is flat, transparent, and free from fingerprints.

These muscovite mica slides, discs, and strips peel into thin thicknesses of .0001”, making them an ideal fit for microscope slides. Axim manufacturers and supplies 100% scratch-free, D-351-97 laboratory muscovite mica of V-1 quality, making us the preeminent supplier of mica for research microscopy.

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