Axim Mica offers our customers the value added services of assembly.

Utilizing our unique ability to fabricate and machine parts from many different materials we are able to rivet, glue, swage, bolt etc. these parts together per our customer requirements.

The ability to manufacture the components in-house and then join them into an assembly saves our customers both time and money.


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Axim Mica Assembly Services

We’re a trusted mica component manufacturer in the USA, spearheading the North American industry for over 20 years. Our integrated manufacturing and assembly services facilitate rapid delivery of quality solutions at lower costs.

We collaborate closely with customers across diverse industries to understand exact assembly requirements, whether high or low-volume production. Leveraging six decades of expertise, we strategically optimize every step – from concept review through manufacturing, inspection, and precision assembly, meeting precise specifications.

Benefit from our vertically integrated processes, allowing focus on core priorities. Expertly handling riveting, bolting, swaging, and more, we have become your mica assembly partner to exceed benchmarks for quality and service. 

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Benefits of Outsourcing Assembly

Accelerate Production & Delivery

Dedicated assembly partners invest in the latest efficient technology and techniques, enabling faster fulfillment of orders to your customers.

Control Costs

Avoid capital investments and overhead costs of in-house assembly infrastructure, equipment, hardware tools, and employee training. Outsourced assembly means turning fixed costs into flexible variable costs.

Retain Talent on Strategic Initiatives

Reduce turnover risk by allowing your talented engineering teams to focus on high-value core priorities and new product innovations rather than manual assembly tasks.

Ensured Quality & Consistency

Purpose-built outsourced facilities have greater specialization with rigorous process controls, ensuring consistent high-grade assemblies over extended production runs.

Leverage Specialized Expertise & Support

Reputable partners provide proven assembly methods, quality training, and troubleshooting support for optimizing your supply chain’s long-term success.

Why Choose Axim Mica for Assembly?

Selecting Axim Mica for your assembly needs places you in the hands of experts renowned for precision, efficiency, and unparalleled customer support. Dive into a partnership tailored perfectly to elevate your project from concept to completion.

Integrated Manufacturing & Assembly Under One Roof

All processes at Axim Mica are seamlessly done under one roof, enabling rapid delivery at lower costs.

Decades of experience

With over 20 years of experience, we have served diverse assembly requirements across industries, with a specialty in mica related orders.

Capacity for high/low volume

Axim Mica is equipped for builds ranging from simple prototypes to mass production of mica components.

Customization capabilities

Our vertically integrated manufacturing and assembly processes are optimized to produce according to your exact specifications.

Precision quality control

Stringent checks integrated at multiple stages ensure Axim Mica’s assemblies exceed industry quality benchmarks.

Our Assembly Process:

Step 1 – Get a Quote

Send Axim Mica the details on what your assembly service needs. This includes materials, amounts, budget, timeline, and any special instructions. Our team reviews and responds with a quote outlining expected costs so you can decide whether to move forward.

Step 2 – Design Review

Axim Mica’s design experts thoroughly check over your product plans. We look for potential problems and suggest improvements to streamline assembly down the road. Our goal is to have you approve an optimized design.

Step 3 – Make and Organize Parts

Leveraging our in-house manufacturing, we expertly craft quality mica components needed for your order. We kit all parts so materials are organized and ready for efficient assembly by our technicians.

Step 4 – Assemble and Inspect

Our skilled technicians properly put together your product using specialized tools to meet exact specifications. We thoroughly inspect each item, check measurements, test functionality, and ensure perfection before shipment.

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Industries We Serve

Axim Mica provides premier assembly services for quality-critical components across a diverse range of industries, including:

  • Aerospace – Precision aviation and spacecraft assemblies, including structural components and insulation.

  • Automotive – Custom assemblies like mica plates for EV battery insulation and heat shields.

  • Electronics – Assemblies like mica washers, plates and insulators safeguarding sensitive electronics.

  • Industrial – Products assembled for applications ranging from insulation in industrial furnaces to electrical winding components.

  • Appliances – Materials and expert assembly for household appliance insulation needs.

  • Defense – Ruggedized assemblies purposely built to military standards.


With over 60 years of experience, our specialized assembly technicians have supported mission-critical requirements for public and private sector organizations.

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Embark on a journey where your vision takes center stage. Employing Axim Mica’s assembly services, you open yourself to an experience of a seamless transition of your ideas into reality.

We support you at every step, offering experienced specialists, cost-efficient materials, and impeccable quality control, and customer support before and after delivery.

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Manufacturing transforms raw materials into completed individual components. Assembly takes those manufactured components and expertly fits them together to create a functional product.

Look for specialization matching your needs, technical expertise, design collaboration capabilities, integrated manufacturing, supply chain transparency, quality certifications, positive reviews, and proven experience.

Yes, outsourcing assembly to an expert partner like Axim Mica provides many benefits, including accelerated delivery, controlled costs, improved quality and consistency, focused internal talent allocation, and access to purpose-built assembly infrastructure.