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Foundry and Steel

Foundries produce metal castings of varying degrees of complexity. Doing this properly requires that they keep constant temperatures for processing. To do this effectively means having the right insulation to prevent heat loss while also protecting people working with intense heat.
Axim Mica’s work closely ties it to this industry, where we provide a range of mica laminates and ceramic fiber insulation to assist with foundry processes and protection.
Mica has certain technical advantages for the foundry and steel industry. It extends the life of linings by acting as a superior slip plane. This means the lining has free movement through expansion and contraction, reducing the chances of cracks appearing.
It also works to protect the coil grout and the furnace casting, ensuring less stress through free movement, and performing a slip plane function during the relining process.
Axim Mica offers a range of slip plane insulation available in both rolls and sheet form to support the foundry and steel industry includes.

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