Precision Die Cutting Services

At Axim Mica, our impressive mix of manufacturing capabilities combined with a deeply knowledgeable engineering and production team make us a leading solutions provider to various industries.

We offer an extensive range of custom mica products for thermal management, electrical insulation, bonding, gasketing, and sealing of sensitive electronic devices and assemblies.

Our manufacturing facility houses a full range of equipment, including automated, high speed, flat-bed and rotary die-cutters as well as multi-layer-capable laminators. We also employ laser, knife, and water jet cutting technologies for rapid component prototyping.



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What is Die-cutting?

Die cutting is a manufacturing process that uses custom-engineered blades made of steel rule or forged metal to cut, score, and perforate materials into specific shapes and sizes.

It works by placing a sheet or roll of material between a shaped metal blade (the die) and a cutting platform or anvil. The material gets pressed between these two surfaces, allowing the blade to slice cleanly through.

Dies come in various styles suited to different die cutting techniques. Common types include flatbed dies for presses, rotary dies for roll-fed materials, and steel-rule dies for folding cartons.

Die cutting creates repetitive, high-precision cuts at a rapid rate compared to manual fabrication methods. It excels at mass-producing identical parts or items within extremely fine tolerances.

The technique handles a wide array of materials, from paper, plastics, textiles, foam, leather, and rubber to ultra-thin or brittle substances like mica. Clean, burr-free cuts are achieved through even intricate shapes by expertly controlling pressure and die characteristics.

Die cutting is ideal for making custom gaskets, washers, labels, signs, prototypes and more. It generates less waste than other cutting processes. The shaped cavities or “blanks” left behind get utilized elsewhere instead of discarded as scrap.

Why Smart Industry Providers Use Our Precision Die Cutting Services?

Industry leaders seeking to maximize manufacturing performance leverage Axim Mica for all their precision die cutting needs.

They partner with us for capabilities enhancing every key metric:


Our automated presses and skilled technicians enable rapid delivery even for intricate or multi-stage cutting jobs.


Stringent process controls produce clean, accurate cuts that fit perfectly. Parts perform reliably over long lifetimes.


Optimized material utilization and nesting reduces waste expenses. Custom tooling is cost effective across production runs.


Hold tolerances down to +/- .001”, repeatedly. Micron-level embrace complex geometries holding extremely fine feature details.


Modify existing or create all-new designs tailored to unique requirements with our engineering expertise.


Our vertically integrated operations simplify sourcing. Get quotes faster and communicate with one partner from design review through delivery.

Our Full Range of Custom Die Cutting Services

​​At our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility, Axim Mica houses advanced die cutting equipment to deliver the full spectrum of precision services for every project requirement.

Automated Rotary Die Cutters

Expertise with high-speed rotary die-cutters for rapid, continuous cutting and converting processes in large-volume production of mica components.

Multi-Station Flatbed Die Cut Presses

Produce intricate flat mica shapes, gaskets, and electrical insulators using our versatile flatbed die cutting presses – achievable with multiple cutting layers and materials.

Laser & Water Jet Cutting

Leverage our laser and water jet cutting techniques to swiftly generate prototypes, low volume batches, or complex geometries out of even really dense, odd-sized, or fragile materials.

In addition, we operate multi-layer-capable lamination equipment to bond mica composites, along with leading knife-cutting technologies for additional fabrication needs.

Multi-Layer Lamination

Bond mica composites using our specialized laminators capable of combining several carefully aligned layers.

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Our Capabilities

At Axim Mica, we pride ourselves on a holistic approach to precision die cutting, extending from concept to completion with capabilities that underscore our commitment to quality, speed, and innovation.

Rapid Prototyping & Small Batch Manufacturing

Our rapid prototyping services enable swift iteration of design variations, ensuring that your product moves from concept to market with expedited timelines.

Advanced Manufacturing Techniques

With an arsenal of state-of-the-art machinery, including high-speed rotary die-cutters, multi-layer lamination equipment, and laser & water jet cutting technologies, we’re equipped for both high-volume production and intricate, low-volume projects.

Custom Solutions

Each project is an opportunity to innovate. From thermal management solutions and electrical insulation fabrication to custom gaskets and seals, we tailor our services to meet your exact requirements.

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Tolerances and Specifications

Die cutting tolerances vary based on material, design complexity, tooling, and production methods. Considering tool costs, speeds, and manufacturing benefits is crucial. Explore our tolerance specs below to match your project needs precisely.

Die Cutting Method
Tolerance Range
Rotary Die Cutting
+/- .001" to +/- .010"
Best for high-volume roll-fed materials, ideal for labels, stickers, and flexible circuits.
Flatbed Die Cutting
+/- .001" to +/- .015"
Suited for lower volume, high-precision components like gaskets and seals in various materials.
Steel-Rule Die Cutting
+/- .015" to +/- .020"
Preferred for folding cartons, packaging, and softer materials needing quick, economical production.
Laser Die Cutting
+/- .001" to +/- .005"
Optimal for prototypes, low-volume batches, or complex geometries with high precision in materials like mica.
Water Jet Cutting
+/- .005" to +/- .010"
Effective for thick, dense, or brittle materials, allowing for precise cuts without thermal stress.

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Die cutting services use specially shaped dies and presses to transform sheet or rolled materials into parts or items with custom shapes and sizes.

Major types include flatbed, rotary, and steel-rule die cutting, though many niche varieties exist for specialized needs.

Customers can provide existing dies, or Axim Mica can fabricate tooling optimized for your material and job specifications based on application requirements.