Selection of high temperature thermal products for aerospace applications, such as airframes or propulsion systems, involves multiple and challenging requirements that go beyond essential performance attributes (strength, durability, damage tolerance, and low weight).
Axim’s mica exhibits a set of demanding properties and is producible in multiple forms as it demonstrates consistent high quality. Furthermore, it is both commercially available and affordable. The list of other materials meeting these requirements is not long. As an OEM for the Boeing 747, Axim has produced over 6,000,000 components from numerous materials systems.

This necessitates that materials be stable and that material design and structure engineering close on effective solutions simultaneously. High-temperature turbine engines demand strong, lightweight, high-temperature materials balanced by high durability and reliability in a severe service environment. Such applications provide remarkable examples of how engineering imperatives influence materials research and development for metallic and composite materials in terms of material chemistry, fabrication, and microstructure.
Our Engineered thermal insulation solutions are integral to the aerospace industry. Mica’s unique properties as a thin, durable insulation material with excellent electrical resistance make it ideally suited for a variety of aerospace applications.

These include:

  • Heat shields for ducts and thrust reversers
  • Aircraft exteriors and interiors- fire and flame retardant barriers
  • Insulation for black boxes and flight recorders
  • Battery Propogation systems

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