Ensuring Ethical Excellence: Sourcing Mica Responsibly at Axim Mica      

Our Commitment to Ethical Sourcing  Child Labor-Free Zones: At Axim Mica, we vehemently oppose any form of child exploitation. Our commitment to child labor-free sourcing has led us to establish stringent guidelines that ensure no child labor is involved at any stage of our mica supply chain. We work exclusively with suppliers who share our … Continue reading “Ensuring Ethical Excellence: Sourcing Mica Responsibly at Axim Mica      “


Examples on how to process Mica. ROTARY DIE-CUTTING Rotary die cutting uses high processing speed and precise dimensional accuracy to cut shapes out onto different material types. Moving in a circular motion, the blades around the die-cylinder cut out the desired shape onto our mica paper. Cutting out identical shapes as it rotates makes this … Continue reading “METHODS FOR CUTTING MICA”


Axim Mica manufactures many diverse product lines utilizing different ceramic materials and processes. As a qualified supplier to many world-class companies, Axim Mica are used in a wide variety of high temperature applications. Being used in electrical applications, a major benefit of ceramics is that it allows for high resistivity which can be used in … Continue reading “Ceramics”

Construction: Electrical & Fire Safety

The construction of all buildings requires the proper electrical connections and components that will process and supply electrical power. Hydro-electric, nuclear, and coal plants all need a properly insulated electrical current in order maintain functionality. Mica is a mineral with high quality thermal & electric properties. Mica with a dielectric strength of around 200MV/m, makes … Continue reading “Construction: Electrical & Fire Safety”

Heat dissipation and insulation – Quick FYI

A number of factors can affect heat transfer. It’s important to understand what these factors and outcomes are in order to find the right way to address the heat dissipation with the right insulation. Heat dissipation is an unavoidable but nonetheless negative side effect of a number of processes in a range of industries – from … Continue reading “Heat dissipation and insulation – Quick FYI”

Cosmetics, Paint & Plastics- How is Mica used here?

Mica is best known for its lustrous properties, brightening hues of pigments while improving adhesion. The paint industry extensively uses mica powder as a pigment extender. Mica enhances the longevity of paints, by reducing chalking and facilitating suspension. It simultaneously works on preventing shrinking and shearing of paint film along with weathering and water seepage … Continue reading “Cosmetics, Paint & Plastics- How is Mica used here?”

How Is Mica Mined to Make a Variety of Industrial Insulation Products?

Mica is a mineral that has been used for centuries for a range of industrial applications. The journey of mica insulation products and other industrial products from mica’s natural state is quite long. It is a naturally occurring silicate material that is found in igneous rock and metamorphic rock and occasionally sedimentary rock. In igneous rock … Continue reading “How Is Mica Mined to Make a Variety of Industrial Insulation Products?”

What Are the Capabilities of Mica Manufacturers?

Mica is one of the most preferred materials used in the industry for thermal and electrical insulation applications. From the construction of foundries to the insulation of car battery packs and protection of consumer appliances, over 50 industries use mica-based insulation products. The highly versatile mica material needs to be converted into a valuable industrial … Continue reading “What Are the Capabilities of Mica Manufacturers?”

What are Five Most Important Things to Consider When Choosing a Mica Manufacturer?

Mica is among the most preferred materials for industrial thermal and electrical insulation due to its wide range of amazing physical and chemical properties. But how mica is converted into products from its raw form is a key factor in the quality of a manufacturer. Mica exists in the earth’s crust in the form of … Continue reading “What are Five Most Important Things to Consider When Choosing a Mica Manufacturer?”

What Are the Different Types of Mica?

If we pass an early judgment, there are not many elements in nature that can substitute the mica. Mica is a group of 37 types of silicate minerals that are found in the earth’s crust in rock deposits. Out of the 37 types, two types of mica have established themselves as great insulation material: phlogopite … Continue reading “What Are the Different Types of Mica?”

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