Mica for Consumer Appliances

Mica is the premier choice for consumer appliance insulation due to its exceptional dielectric and thermal insulating capabilities that withstand the demands of high-temperature applications.   Mica is used as an insulator for hairdryers, microwaves, ovens, space heaters, capacitors, and various other consumer appliances. Mica’s application for consumer appliances is versatile because of its chemical, … Continue reading “Mica for Consumer Appliances”

Flexible or Rigid? Finding the Right Mica for Your Application

Flexible and rigid mica come in various muscovite and phlogopite grades. Mica is tremendously flexible, making it suitable for various applications across 50 industries. Mica sheets provide excellent insulation properties, chemical resistance, and stability. Flexible and rigid mica can be machine punched, cut, and pressed to your exact specification. The versatility of mica makes it … Continue reading “Flexible or Rigid? Finding the Right Mica for Your Application”

Axim Mica – Resilient Supply Chain

Axim Mica prides itself on providing a seamless experience for all customers. Axim Mica’s supply chain was built with the intent of limiting external vulnerabilities that traditionally hinder supply chains. We achieve our resilient supply chain by utilizing our employee’s strengths, digitizing operation processes, and embracing new technologies. Axim Mica established a supply chain management … Continue reading “Axim Mica – Resilient Supply Chain”

Axim Mica: ISO 9001:2015 Certified

ISO 9001:2015 certification is an internationally accepted quality management system. ISO 9001 defines the guiding principles of all aspects of an organizations management system. ISO 9001 certifications are routinely recognized for their effect on a company’s consistent quality, organization, and continual improvement.   ISO 9001’s quality management framework is required by many companies when taking … Continue reading “Axim Mica: ISO 9001:2015 Certified”

Micas for Industrial Applications & Consumer Appliances

Micas insulation capabilities make it the premier choice for industrial applications and consumer appliances.   Mica is utilized in the aerospace, military & defense, electric vehicle, foundry & steel, and many other industrial industries.   Mica is used as an insulator for hairdryers, microwaves, ovens, space heaters, capacitors, and many other consumer appliances.   Mica’s … Continue reading “Micas for Industrial Applications & Consumer Appliances”

Thermal Runaway in Electric Vehicles

Electric car manufacturers have worked persistently in their pursuit to improve the range capacity and charging capabilities of lithium-ion batteries. In order to ensure the safety of their passengers, manufacturers must create an impregnatable active thermal management system to reduce the threat of thermal runaway. Thermal runaway is a reaction that occurs when a battery … Continue reading “Thermal Runaway in Electric Vehicles”

V-1 Mica – The Axim Difference

Axim Mica has a proprietary in-house process to ensure all V1 Mica is scratch-free, burr free, and imperfection free.   Axim Mica offers the largest stock lists of high quality (V-1/V-2 graded) mica in North America. V-1 quality mica is graded based on its cleavability and transparency. Freshly cleaved V-1 mica provides a surface that … Continue reading “V-1 Mica – The Axim Difference”

Axim Mica at-a-Glance

Axim Mica is committed to being a worldwide leader in providing mica-based insulating materials and developing new high-performance mica products. Axim Mica is continually developing new products to meet new technologies such as fuel cell applications and clean energy products. In today’s fast-paced technological world, Axim understands that our customer’s requirements and demands are greater … Continue reading “Axim Mica at-a-Glance”

Muscovite or Phlogopite? Which mica is best for your application?

Of the various varieties of naturally occurring mica, muscovite and phlogopite mica occur most prominently. Muscovite is a hydrated silicate of aluminum and potassium while phlogopite is a magnesium and potassium bearing hydrated silicate. The differing chemical compositions of muscovite and phlogopite mica impact their physical properties and capabilities. Muscovite is ruby, green, or white … Continue reading “Muscovite or Phlogopite? Which mica is best for your application?”

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