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We are the largest stockists of V-1/V-2 Mica in North America!

AXIM is a manufacturer and supplier of 100% scratch-free, ASTM D-351-97 laboratory muscovite (ruby) Mica of V-1 quality. These mica discs, slides and strips peel easily to an ultra-thin thickness up to .0001” and fit microscope slides.

Freshly cleaved muscovite mica surfaces have an outstanding even surface, are optically flat, clear, transparent, scratchless and free from fingerprints. There are very useful for electron microscopy for production of carbon support films, particle imaging, cell growing and thin film coating research. Muscovite mica surface are also suitable as substrates for high resolution atomic force microcopy studies such as DNA, DNA-protein and thin films.

Cleaving mica involves insertion of a sharp edge or point into an edge or corner of the sheet and gently prying apart the leaves. A good sharp razor blade edge will do the job and in some cases a sharp pointed tweezer may accomplish this.. The freshly exposed micro surface should be used immediately after cleaving to take advantage of the clean and even surface. The muscovite mica is die cut to the sizes offered.

Cleaving can also be achieved by placing a double coated piece of tape onto the mica surface and gently pulling off the mica layer starting on one edge of the mica. Then place mica with tape side down on to a specimen disc or mount.

Ruby muscovite color ranges from almost white through pink to a light ruby and into shades of brownish ruby and brown. It is considered of higher quality (compared to green muscovite) because of hardness and excellent cleavage properties permitting it to be split into the thinnest desired film without the risk of cracking. It is optically flat, resilient and incompressible.

While it splits into thin films along its cleavage planes, yet it remains tough and elastic, even at high temperature. Our mica has minimum inclusions, minimum air and bubbles and is clean. ASTM D-351 describes grading standards for mica.

Gold Mica

Au(111) is sputtered onto freshly cleaved Mica substrates. Flame annealing is suggested before use.

Atomically flat terraces are typically several hundreds of nanometers cross, with this size increasing after hydrogen flame annealing. Gold plated Mica is available in thicknesses ranging from 50Å to 2500Å. AXIM can also provide custom thicknesses based upon the client’s requirements.

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Discover AXIM Mica: North America's Premier Mica Supplier

Unlock the potential of your research with Axim Mica, North America’s premier source for pristine, scratch-free mica. Specializing in ASTM D-351-97 laboratory-grade muscovite mica, we provide the clarity and precision essential for cutting-edge microscopy. Experience unmatched quality with our mica discs, slides, and blocks—each piece crafted for excellence, ensuring your research emerges uncompromised and insightful. Choose Axim Mica, where innovation meets accuracy.

Why Mica is Used for Research Microscopy

Mica, particularly muscovite mica, is a cornerstone in research microscopy due to its unique properties. Its transparency, uniform thickness, and ability to cleave into ultra-thin films make it an ideal substrate for microscopic examinations. Mica’s stable, flat surface enhances the visibility of specimens, crucial for high-resolution imaging techniques such as atomic force microscopy and electron microscopy. Researchers rely on mica for creating carbon support films, imaging particles, growing cells, and conducting thin film research. Its natural cleavage properties allow for easy preparation, offering a pristine viewing platform for detailed microscopic analysis.

Properties of Mica for Research Microscopy

In the realm of research microscopy, every detail matters—much like the careful selection of each component that goes into crafting a masterpiece. Enter the world of AXIM’s mica, where exceptional properties meet scientific exploration:

Optical Transparency

Just as clear skies offer unobstructed views, muscovite mica's clarity ensures nothing stands between researchers and their subjects.

Uniform Thickness

Like the consistent brush strokes on a canvas, mica's evenness provides a stable foundation for specimens, enabling precise measurements and observations.

Ultra-Thin Cleaving

Mica's ability to be split into thin films, akin to peeling layers with meticulous care, accommodates detailed studies requiring minimal interference.

High-Temperature Stability

Withstanding the test of heat, mica ensures samples remain unchanged under the microscope's glare, much like a steadfast gaze that doesn’t waver.

Scratch-Free Surface

The smooth, unblemished surface of mica is as pristine as freshly fallen snow, offering a clear viewport for microscopic endeavors.

Technical Parameters for Research Microscopy Mica

Material Type
Muscovite (Ruby) Mica
Quality Grade
V-1 (ASTM D-351-97)
Optically Clear
Surface Finish
Scratch-Free, Smooth, Free from Fingerprints
Thickness Range
Up to 0.0001” (Ultra-Thin Films)
Standard Widths
610mm, 1200mm
Cleaving Method
Easily Peelable for Thin Film Preparation
Temperature Stability
High (Suitable for Electron Microscopy)
Carbon Support Films, Particle Imaging, Cell Growing, Thin Film Coating Research

How It’s Made

Crafting our premium mica for research microscopy is a journey of precision and care, much like the meticulous process behind a masterwork.

At Axim Mica, we start with the selection of the finest muscovite, sourced for its superior optical qualities and stability.

Our experts then employ a traditional yet refined wet forming process, gently coaxing the mica into thin films and precise shapes.

Each piece is carefully examined and treated to ensure it meets our high standards – transparent, uniform, and utterly flawless.

This dedication to craftsmanship ensures that every slice of AXIM’s mica not only meets but exceeds the demands of cutting-edge scientific discovery.

Types of Mica for Research Microscopy

AXIM specializes in offering a selection of mica tailored to various demands of the research microscopy field. While the core properties that make mica invaluable remain consistent, variations exist to cater to specific research needs:

V-1 Quality Muscovite Mica

Recognized for its exceptional clarity and minimal imperfections, this high-grade mica is perfect for applications requiring optical precision, including high-resolution atomic force microscopy.

Ruby Mica Discs, Slides, & Blocks

Offering a range from almost white, through pink, to light and dark ruby, suitable for a myriad of microscopy techniques where thickness and color might influence the study outcome.

Gold Sputtered Mica

An advanced option where a thin layer of gold is applied to the mica surface, ideal for studies needing a conductive surface. Recommended for use in applications like AFM where atomic flatness and conductivity are crucial.

Custom Cut Mica

Tailored to fit specific dimensional requirements, these are die-cut based on client specifications ensuring a perfect fit for specialized research setups or equipment.

Applications of Mica in Research Microscopy

AXIM’s mica products empower researchers across various disciplines with their unique properties, finding application in:

  • Electron Microscopy

    For producing carbon support films, enhancing particle visualization, and facilitating detailed imaging studies.

  • Atomic Force Microscopy (AFM)

    Serving as an atomically flat substrate for high-resolution imaging of DNA, DNA-protein interactions, and nanoscale thin films.

  • Cell Culture Growth

    Providing a sterile, inert surface for cell adhesion and growth, enabling biological and medical research.

  • Thin Film Coating Research

    Used as a substrate in the deposition and study of thin films, including polymers, metals, and organic compounds.

  • Particle Imaging

    Assisting in the precise measurement and analysis of particle sizes, shapes, and distributions.

  • Cryogenic TEM

    Supporting cryo-TEM techniques by holding samples at extremely low temperatures without altering the sample integrity.

  • Optical Microscopy

    Acting as a transparent and flat platform for the inspection of samples that require illumination from below.

Benefits of Mica for Research Microscopy

Enjoy unparalleled clarity, precision, and reliability in your research with Axim Mica sheets, where cutting-edge meets reliability.

  • Precision That Elevates

    Crafted for scientists who demand nothing less than atomic-level accuracy in their work.

  • Clarity in Every Layer

    With its optical transparency, mica ensures your observations are as clear as day, every time.

  • Adaptability on Demand

    Easy to cut, drill, or saw to your specifications. Mica fits into your research design, not the other way around.

  • Stability Through the Extremes

    High thermal resistance means your mica substrate stays consistent under varying temperatures – a steadfast platform for groundbreaking discoveries.

  • Durability That Lasts

    Resilient against both physical stress and chemical interactions, it’s the sturdy foundation your research deserves.

  • Ultra-Thin, Ultra-Effective

    Its ability to be split into thin films opens up new realms of potential, from particle imaging to thin film analysis.

Why Choose Axim Mica

Two Decades of Excellence: With over 20 years of experience, we’ve honed our expertise to deliver only the best in mica products.

Trusted by Thousands

Servicing over 12,000 clients across more than 50 distinct industries, our track record speaks for itself.

A Spectrum of Quality

From V-1 quality muscovite to customized gold sputtered mica, we offer a range that’s as diverse as the scientific community we serve.

Precision at Its Core

Our products peel easily to ultra-thin thicknesses, ensuring you get the exact specifications needed for critical research applications.

Unmatched Clarity and Stability

Our mica provides the perfect substrate for high-resolution microscopy, withstanding extreme conditions without altering your results.

Partner in Innovation

We’re not just suppliers; we’re collaborators in your quest for discovery, providing materials that pave the way for groundbreaking insights.

About Axim Mica

At Axim Mica, we’re more than just leaders in the North American mica industry; we’re your steadfast partners in pushing the boundaries of research.

With world-class equipment and over two decades of expertise, we’re here to illuminate the path of discovery, offering you materials that transform visions into achievements. Together, let’s explore the unknown.

Our Commitment to Quality: ISO-Certified Excellence

At Axim Mica, our devotion to unparalleled quality isn’t just a promise—it’s a proven practice. ISO 9001:2015 certification is at the heart of our operations, reflecting our commitment to producing defect-free products on time, every time. With over two decades of serving diverse industries, we’ve fine-tuned our quality management system to prioritize efficiency, reliability, and customer satisfaction. Trust in Axim Mica, where excellence is the standard.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Mica possesses a unique crystalline structure that allows it to be easily split or cleaved along its basal plane. This quality is due to the arrangement of atoms within the mica crystal, creating sheets that can be separated without fracturing, making it ideal for preparing thin, uniform layers.

Mica is favored in AFM due to its atomically flat surface, which provides an ideal, stable platform for imaging at the nanoscale. Its ability to be cleaved into ultra-thin, smooth layers ensures high-resolution and artifact-free imaging, crucial for accurate AFM analysis.

Cleaving mica for AFM typically involves using a sharp edge, like a razor blade, to gently insert into the edge or corner of the mica sheet. The blade is then used to pry the layers apart, revealing a fresh surface. This newly cleaved layer offers an atomically flat and clean surface essential for high-resolution AFM imaging.