Axim Mica at-a-Glance

Axim Mica is committed to being a worldwide leader in providing mica-based insulating materials and developing new high-performance mica products. Axim Mica is continually developing new products to meet new technologies such as fuel cell applications and clean energy products. In today’s fast-paced technological world, Axim understands that our customer’s requirements and demands are greater than ever.

Axim Mica’s innovative approach has helped over 2,500 customers worldwide, including 45 fortune 500 companies achieve safe and effective thermal insulation. We have North America’s largest inventory of mica sheet stock which has earned a UL-rating for its quality. Using top of the line technology, Axim Mica is able to meet customer requirements and demands. Furthermore, Axim Mica is focused on creating mica-based products that will be required for future technologies that contribute to a cleaner world for future generations.


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