Mica Sheets

Mica Sheets


Ax-THERM M & P mica sheets are used for high-performance thermal and electrical insulation in a broad range of industries such as

  • heating elements for electrical & thermo mechanical equipment
  • construction of induction, arc or high frequency furnaces
  • high voltage applications
  • high thermal applications
  • industrial sealing & gasket industries (e.g. oil & gas distribution)


Ax-THERM M & P mica sheets are the ideal alternative for asbestos insulations.
Good resistance to high temperatures & chemicals, low heat conductivity, high dielectric strength, good high-voltage proof performance. Fire resistance classification UL94 (94 V-0), BS 479 (class 1), NBN 21-203 (A1).


Ax-THERM M & P mica sheets consist of 85 – 90% high-grade Muscovite alternatively Phlogopite mica paper impregnated with an outstanding high temperature resistant silicone resin.

Supply Form:
Thickness: 0.1mm – 101.6 mm
(tolerances 2-5mm +/- 7%, 5-30mm +/- 5%, 30-80mm +/- 3%)
Sizes: 1000 mm widths, max. 2400 mm lengths New Option: Ultra Smooth Surface and or De-smoked Mica sheets Customized strips or parts according to customers’ drawings and/or requirements.

AX-THERM M & P mica sheets are very suitable for precise/ accurate sawing, drilling & grinding with high-performance tools.

AX-THERM M & P (Rigid Mica Sheets)

Technical Data Muscovite Phlogopite
Mica Content: (IEC 60371-2) 85 – 90 % 85 – 90 %
Silicone Binder Content: (IEC 60371-2) 10 – 15 % 10 – 15 %
Density: (IEC 60371-2) 2,2 – 2,3 g/cm³ 2,2 – 2,3 g/cm³
Heat Resistance: In Continuous Service: 500 °C
In Intermittent Service: 800 °C
In Continuous Service: 700 °C
In Intermittent Service: 1.000 °C
Tensile Strength: (ISO 527) 150 N/mm² 110 N/mm²
Bending Strength: (ISO 178) 230 N/mm² 170 N/mm²
Water Absorption: <1 % (24h/23°C) <1 % (24h/23°C)
Dielectric Strength: (IEC 60243) at 20°C: 25 KV/mm
at 400°C: 13 KV/mm
at 600°C: 10 KV/mm
at 20°C: 25 KV/mm
at 400°C: 13 KV/mm
at 600°C: 10 KV/mm
Volume Resistivity: (IEC 60093) at 20°C: >1016 Ω/cm >1016 Ω/cm
at 400°C: >1012 Ω/cm >1012 Ω/cm
at 500°C: >109 Ω/cm >109 Ω/cm
at 20°C: >1016 Ω/cm
at 400°C: >1012 Ω/cm
at 500°C: >109 Ω/cm
Weight Loss Continuous: (IEC 60371-2) at 500°C: <1 % at 500°C: <1 %
at 700°C: <2 %
Thermal Conductivity: Perpendicular to Plane of the Plate: 0,3 W/mK 0,3 W/mK
Along the Plane of the Plate: 3,0 W/mK 3,0 W/mK
Perpendicular to Plane of the Plate: 0,3 W/mK
Along the Plane of the Plate: 3,0 W/mK
Thermal Expansion: Perpendicular: 100 x 10-6 /°K
Parallel: 10 x 10-6 /°K
Perpendicular: 100 x 10-6 /°K
Parallel: 10 x 10-6 /°K
Mica Sheets Mica Sheets

The Ax-Gasket series of Flexible Mica Plates is a good heat resistant insulating material, which retains its permanent flexibility at room temperature.

Ax-Gasket- M: Muscovite Flexible Mica Plate, Silver color, Heat resistance: 500℃/932°F (In constant operation), 750℃/1382°F (in intermittent operation).

Ax-Gasket- P: Phlogopite Flexible Mica Plate, Golden/Amber color, Heat resistance: 750℃/1382°F (In constant operation), 1000℃ /1832°F (in intermittent operation).

Relative to general insulation material, the prominent advantages of the flexible mica plate are:

  • Excellent insulating properties at high temperature: At 500-1000℃ operating ambient temperature, the voltage breakdown resistance is 15KV/mm;
  • Good tensile property: It can be processed into a variety of shapes without layer separation;
  • Excellent environmental protection performance: The product contains no asbestos, and has less smoke and odors, even smokeless and odorless when heating;
  • Excellent acid and alkali resistance, and oil resistance.

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