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Rigid Mica Sheets: Thermal & Electrical Insulation

Mica Sheets are the foundation from which mica parts are made. Depending on your application, the correct mica sheet for an application depends on the material: Muscovite, or Phlogopite. Depending on the level of heat resistance needed, the thickness of mica sheet will also vary. Mica sheets are not uniform, and they can be ordered in various sizes and different degrees of smoothness based on the needs of the customer.

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Ax-THERM M & P mica sheets are used for high-performance thermal and electrical insulation in a broad range of industries such as

  • heating elements for electrical & thermo mechanical equipment
  • construction of induction, arc or high frequency furnaces
  • high voltage applications
  • high thermal applications
  • industrial sealing & gasket industries (e.g. oil & gas distribution)

Ax-THERM M & P mica sheets are the ideal alternative for asbestos insulations.

Good resistance to high temperatures & chemicals, low heat conductivity, high dielectric strength, good high-voltage proof performance. Fire resistance classification UL94 (94 V-0), BS 479 (class 1), NBN 21-203 (A1).


Ax-THERM M & P mica sheets consist of 85 – 90% high-grade Muscovite alternatively Phlogopite mica paper impregnated with an outstanding high temperature resistant silicone resin.

Mica sheets are composed primarily of the mineral mica, which consists of aluminum silicate along with other elements such as potassium, iron, magnesium, and water.

Supply Form

Thickness: 0.1mm – 101.6 mm
(tolerances 2-5mm +/- 7%, 5-30mm +/- 5%, 30-80mm +/- 3%)
Sizes: 1000 mm widths, max. 2400 mm lengths

New Option: Ultra Smooth Surface and or De-smoked Mica sheets
Customized strips or parts according to customers’ drawings and/or requirements.


AX-THERM M & P mica sheets are very suitable for precise/ accurate sawing, drilling & grinding with high-performance tools.

AX-THERM M & P (Rigid Mica Sheets)

Technical DataMuscovitePhlogopite
Mica Content: (IEC 60371-2)85 – 90 %85 – 90 %
Silicone Binder Content: (IEC 60371-2)10 – 15 %10 – 15 %
Density: (IEC 60371-2)2,2 – 2,3 g/cm³2,2 – 2,3 g/cm³
Heat Resistance:In Continuous Service: 500 °C
In Intermittent Service: 800 °C
In Continuous Service: 700 °C
In Intermittent Service: 1.000 °C
Tensile Strength: (ISO 527)150 N/mm²110 N/mm²
Bending Strength: (ISO 178)230 N/mm²170 N/mm²
Water Absorption:<1 % (24h/23°C)<1 % (24h/23°C)
Dielectric Strength: (IEC 60243)at 20°C: 25 KV/mm
at 400°C: 13 KV/mm
at 600°C: 10 KV/mm
at 20°C: 25 KV/mm
at 400°C: 13 KV/mm
at 600°C: 10 KV/mm
Volume Resistivity: (IEC 60093)at 20°C: >1016 Ω/cm >1016 Ω/cm
at 400°C: >1012 Ω/cm >1012 Ω/cm
at 500°C: >109 Ω/cm >109 Ω/cm
at 20°C: >1016 Ω/cm
at 400°C: >1012 Ω/cm
at 500°C: >109 Ω/cm
Weight Loss Continuous: (IEC 60371-2)at 500°C: <1 %at 500°C: <1 %
at 700°C: <2 %
Thermal Conductivity:Perpendicular to Plane of the Plate: 0,3 W/mK 0,3 W/mK
Along the Plane of the Plate: 3,0 W/mK 3,0 W/mK
Perpendicular to Plane of the Plate: 0,3 W/mK
Along the Plane of the Plate: 3,0 W/mK
Thermal Expansion:Perpendicular: 100 x 10-6 /°K
Parallel: 10 x 10-6 /°K
Perpendicular: 100 x 10-6 /°K
Parallel: 10 x 10-6 /°K

Uses of Mica Sheets

Mica sheet is renowned for its versatility and durability, particularly in applications requiring electrical and thermal insulation. It offers exceptional electrical properties, high heat resistance, and notable chemical stability, making it an indispensable material in various industrial applications.

Technical grade sheet mica is particularly valued in the manufacturing of electrical components and electronics, where its ability to withstand electric arcs and insulation properties are crucial. Additionally, it is used in atomic force microscopy for its transparency to electrons, and as window sheets where a clear view of high-temperature processes is required.

Where to Purchase Mica Sheets

For purchasing mica sheets, the options vary depending on your needs. For DIY projects or home use, you can easily find mica sheets on popular retail platforms like Amazon, Walmart, and Etsy.

These sites offer a variety of choices suitable for smaller, personal projects. However, if you require mica sheets in bulk or for industrial applications, Axim Mica specializes in providing high-quality materials tailored to meet larger scale and specific industrial requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions

Mica is a mineral that belongs to a group of silicate minerals known as phyllosilicates. It is characterized by its highly perfect basal cleavage, which allows it to be split into thin sheets that are flexible, elastic, and transparent. Mica is valued for its resistance to heat, electricity, and acids.

Mica is best for applications requiring thermal insulation, electrical insulation, and resistance to chemical corrosion. It is extensively used in the electronics industry for components like capacitors and insulators, and in industries requiring high-temperature insulation materials, such as furnaces and microwave ovens.

In a microwave, a mica sheet is used as a waveguide cover. It covers the aperture through which microwaves are admitted into the main cavity of the oven. The mica sheet helps prevent food particles and moisture from entering the waveguide, which can cause damage and efficiency loss.

Mica sheets are valued for their clear visibility and effective protection from outdoor conditions, effectively blocking dust, dirt, and harsh weather. Their durability against scratches ensures they maintain quality over time, making them a reliable choice for see-through enclosures.

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