Mica Sheets

Mica Sheets


Ax-THERM M & P mica sheets are used for high-performance thermal and electrical insulation in a broad range of industries such as

  • heating elements for electrical & thermo mechanical equipment
  • construction of induction, arc or high frequency furnaces
  • high voltage applications
  • high thermal applications
  • industrial sealing & gasket industries (e.g. oil & gas distribution)


Ax-THERM M & P mica sheets are the ideal alternative for asbestos insulations.
Good resistance to high temperatures & chemicals, low heat conductivity, high dielectric strength, good high-voltage proof performance. Fire resistance classification UL94 (94 V-0), BS 479 (class 1), NBN 21-203 (A1).



Ax-THERM M & P mica sheets consist of 85 – 90% high-grade Muscovite alternatively Phlogopite mica paper impregnated with an outstanding high temperature resistant silicone resin.

Supply Form:

Thickness: 0.1mm – 101.6 mm
(tolerances 2-5mm +/- 7%, 5-30mm +/- 5%, 30-80mm +/- 3%)

Sizes: 1000 mm widths, max. 2400 mm lengths New Option: Ultra Smooth Surface and or De-smoked Mica sheets Customized strips or parts according to customers’ drawings and/or requirements.


AX-THERM M & P mica sheets are very suitable for precise/ accurate sawing, drilling & grinding with high-performance tools.

AX-THERM M & P (Rigid Mica Sheets)

Technical Data Muscovite Phlogopite
Mica Content: (IEC 60371-2) 85 – 90 % 85 – 90 %
Silicone Binder Content: (IEC 60371-2) 10 – 15 % 10 – 15 %
Density: (IEC 60371-2) 2,2 – 2,3 g/cm³ 2,2 – 2,3 g/cm³
Heat Resistance: In Continuous Service: 500 °C
In Intermittent Service: 800 °C
In Continuous Service: 700 °C
In Intermittent Service: 1.000 °C
Tensile Strength: (ISO 527) 150 N/mm² 110 N/mm²
Bending Strength: (ISO 178) 230 N/mm² 170 N/mm²
Water Absorption: <1 % (24h/23°C) <1 % (24h/23°C)
Dielectric Strength: (IEC 60243) at 20°C: 25 KV/mm
at 400°C: 13 KV/mm
at 600°C: 10 KV/mm
at 20°C: 25 KV/mm
at 400°C: 13 KV/mm
at 600°C: 10 KV/mm
Volume Resistivity: (IEC 60093) at 20°C: >1016 Ω/cm >1016 Ω/cm
at 400°C: >1012 Ω/cm >1012 Ω/cm
at 500°C: >109 Ω/cm >109 Ω/cm
at 20°C: >1016 Ω/cm
at 400°C: >1012 Ω/cm
at 500°C: >109 Ω/cm
Weight Loss Continuous: (IEC 60371-2) at 500°C: <1 % at 500°C: <1 %
at 700°C: <2 %
Thermal Conductivity: Perpendicular to Plane of the Plate: 0,3 W/mK 0,3 W/mK
Along the Plane of the Plate: 3,0 W/mK 3,0 W/mK
Perpendicular to Plane of the Plate: 0,3 W/mK
Along the Plane of the Plate: 3,0 W/mK
Thermal Expansion: Perpendicular: 100 x 10-6 /°K
Parallel: 10 x 10-6 /°K
Perpendicular: 100 x 10-6 /°K
Parallel: 10 x 10-6 /°K
Mica Sheets Mica Sheets

The Ax-Gasket series of Flexible Mica Plates is a good heat resistant insulating material, which retains its permanent flexibility at room temperature.

Ax-Gasket- M: Muscovite Flexible Mica Plate, Silver color, Heat resistance: 500℃/932°F (In constant operation), 750℃/1382°F (in intermittent operation).

Ax-Gasket- P: Phlogopite Flexible Mica Plate, Golden/Amber color, Heat resistance: 750℃/1382°F (In constant operation), 1000℃ /1832°F (in intermittent operation).

Relative to general insulation material, the prominent advantages of the flexible mica plate are:

  • Excellent insulating properties at high temperature: At 500-1000℃ operating ambient temperature, the voltage breakdown resistance is 15KV/mm;
  • Good tensile property: It can be processed into a variety of shapes without layer separation;
  • Excellent environmental protection performance: The product contains no asbestos, and has less smoke and odors, even smokeless and odorless when heating;
  • Excellent acid and alkali resistance, and oil resistance.
  1. How do we machine mica parts?
    We get asked this question all the time. For sheet stock under .080″ thick, it is advised we use common stamping or punching methods to make parts. We can control tight tolerances per your drawing. Thicker parts require the use of CNC machining, laserjet or waterjet. Contact the experts at Axim Mica to review all options.
  2. Will Mica conduct electricity?
    The simple answer is NO. Mica has superior dielectric properties, which means it can transmit electrical force without conduction, which makes it an excellent insulator.
  3. Are Mica sheets form-able?
    Yes. We now have the capability to form complex 3D molded mica parts. Since 2012, we have formed over 55 million parts across various emerging industries.
  4. What are some common Mica uses in everyday life?
    Mica is used in blushes, lipsticks, lip gloss, eye liner, eye shadow, foundation. Also in common uses- It’s in every single Microwave oven

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