Mica Tubes

Mica Tubes

AXIM’s mica tubes can withstand temperatures ranging from 130°C to 1000°C for high temperature and high voltage applications. We manufacture high temperature mica tubing in square, round, oval or rectangular shapes.

Our mica tubes meet NEMA standards and are convolute wound to increase strength and minimize seam lengths. These mica tubes are prepared by using mica paper or splitting mica fixed with glue or by using mica paper glued on side of reinforced material, then processed rolling. It has excellent mechanical strength and electrical properties. Suitable for all kinds of electric motors and electrical appliances, electrical smelt furnace, etc.

Size: Mica tubes are available in lengths between 3mm and 1000mm (0.19” and 40”) and an inner diameter between 3mm and 300mm (0.12” and 12”).

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DO you have a challenging application? AXIM can manufacture mica tubes of custom specifications based on the client’s requirements/drawings.


*New* Square and rectangular Mica tubes available.

Mica Tubes

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