Flexible Mica Composites

Flexible Mica Composites

A benefit of using mica is the fact that its malleability allows for it to change its form while maintaining all its insulation and electric capabilities.  Flexible Mica Composites incorporate mica along with other materials such as silicates to perform optimally in unique conditions, for tasks requiring additional material.


This is a silicone bonded Mica laminate, made of varnish glass cloth, multiple layers of hand laid muscovite mica splittings and another layer of silicone varnished glass cloth. This material exhibits excellent flexibility and formability at room Temperatures.


Application: Often used for shunt insulation in coreless induction furnaces and for the insulation of large electric lifting magnets. Class Band H applications.

Availability: In rolls or sheets, 10 mil up to 90 mil thick


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