Top Five Industries That Use Mica Products

October 7, 2021

The amazing physical and chemical properties of mica make it an ideal choice for industrial thermal and electrical insulation. On the other hand, there some who do not know what mica has to offer. Mica’s uses are so diverse; those familiar with it, clearly understand that there are only a few elements in nature that can perform as well in industrial insulation application. This post will take you through the top five industries that use mica-based insulation products.



Mica has amazing physical and chemical properties that include:


  • Exceptional thermal resistance (stable up to 1000 °C)
  • Superior dielectric strength (up to 2000 v/mm)
  • Chemically inert
  • Water-resistant
  • Lightweight
  • Cleavable
  • Reflective
  • Refractive
  • Good mechanical properties (elastic, tensile strength, and durability)


Top Five Industries that Use Mica Products


  1. Aerospace



Aerospace is among the most sophisticated industries that use mica-based insulation products. The main property of the mica that makes it ideal for the aerospace industry is its light weight. Mica sheets and mica paper provide exceptional thermal insulation, while retaining chemical inertness and light weight.


The common application of mica-based products include:


  • Heat shields for ducts and thrust reversal system
  • Electrical and thermal insulation of aircraft exteriors and interior
  • Fire and flame retardant barriers for aircraft body
  • Insulation for black boxes and flight recorders
  • Insulation of battery propagation systems


  1. Electric Vehicles


Electric vehicles are another highly sophisticated industry involving complex technology. Electric vehicles are powered by large batteries that convert chemical energy into electrical energy to power the car engine. The most common issue in electric vehicles is thermal runaway.


Mica-based insulation products are used for the insulation of high voltage battery pack systems and in thermal battery systems and platforms for heat protection and thermal runway loss.


Apart from that, mica-based insulation products like gaskets, washers, flame retardant barriers, and component-specific heat shields are also used in the automotive industry.


  1. Steel and Foundry


Where there is a requirement for highly durable high-temperature insulation, you will often find mica in some form. If not an insulation product made entirely of mica, then definitely as a part or in combination with other materials. Mica is used in the steel and foundry industry in many forms to prevent heat loss and protect people working with intense heat. Mica slip planes are used to protect the coil grout and the furnace casting. Ensuring less stress through free movement and performing slip plane function during the relining process.


  1. Consumer Appliances


Ensuring the safety of consumer appliances is crucial for any manufacturer. Mica insulation is used in a wide range of consumer appliances with heating elements such as hairdryers, microwaves, heaters, convection heaters, and toasters.


  1. Defense  


Mica is used for fireproofing for passenger cabins, tank interiors, and special storage, heat shields, and insulation of data recorders in the defense industry. Various missile systems that require high temperatures use mica for insulation.


We, Axim Mica, have been a Military and Government partner since 2004 and are proud to serve the United States of America during the Defense Production Act in 2020. Get in touch with us to discuss your industrial insulation needs.


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