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Mica Sheet Manufacturers Around the World

Manufacturers of mica sheet are dispersed globally, each bringing a distinct approach to the extraction and processing techniques that enhance the material’s inherent qualities. As industries like electronics, automotive, and aerospace increasingly rely on high-performance insulation materials, the role of these manufacturers becomes ever more significant. 

They not only ensure the supply of high-quality mica sheets but also drive innovations that meet the evolving demands of technology and industry standards. Understanding the diverse capabilities and products offered by leading mica sheet manufacturers around the world is essential for companies looking to incorporate the best materials for their specific needs.

Axim Mica 

Axim Mica from the USA leads with its specialization in high-temperature thermal and dielectric mica products. Holding an ISO 9001:2015 certification, As one of the leading mica sheet manufacturers,f Axim Mica caters to over 50 industries, including aerospace and automotive. Their products range from mica sheets to fabricated parts and tubes, available on

Products Available


Based in China, Pamica integrates research, production, and sales, focusing on mica insulation materials for electrical and thermal uses. Their main offerings include mica sheets and tapes.

  • Location: China
  • Products: Mica sheets, mica tape, mica tubes
  • Website: 

Zhongtian Mica

Zhongtian Mica, also in China, stands out for its robust production capabilities and a broad range of mica products. They focus on quality and extensive export operations, producing high-quality mica sheets and electronic components.

  • Location: China
  • Products: Mica sheets, various mica electronic components
  • Website: 

VPI Mica

From India, VPI Mica provides innovative mica insulation products, focusing on sustainable and high-performance solutions for various industrial applications. Their product line includes mica sheets and tapes.

  • Location: India
  • Products: Mica sheets, mica tape
  • Website: Not available

Meifeng Mica

Meifeng Mica, located in China, is recognized for its high-quality mica products and competitive prices. They emphasize environmental sustainability in their production of mica sheets, flakes, and powder.

  • Location: China
  • Products: Mica sheets, mica flakes, mica powder
  • Website: 


Switzerland’s VonRoll specializes in electrical insulation systems and products, including innovative mica-based solutions for high-performance applications. Their product range extends to mica sheets and tapes, detailed on

  • Location: Switzerland
  • Products: Mica sheets, mica tapes, insulation materials
  • Website:


ISOVOLTA Group from Austria is a major player in the manufacture of electrical and thermal insulation materials. They offer a variety of products including mica sheets and technical laminates, which can be explored further on

  • Location: Austria
  • Products: Mica sheets, technical laminates, composites
  • Website:

Nippon Rika 

In Japan, Nippon Rika is known for its high-quality mica products tailored for the electronics and automotive industries, focusing on innovation and precision. Their product offerings include mica paper and sheets.

  • Location: Japan
  • Products: Mica paper, mica sheets, insulating materials
  • Website: 


Russia’s Spbsluda is a prominent producer of mica, known for its large-scale production and comprehensive product range including mica sheets and flakes.

  • Location: Russia
  • Products: Mica sheets, mica flakes, mica-based products
  • Website: Not available

Yangzhong Mica

Yangzhong Mica in China focuses on quality and innovation in the production of mica products, serving various industrial sectors with mica sheets and tape.

  • Location: China
  • Products: Mica sheets, mica tape, thermal insulation products
  • Website: Not available


From Belgium, Cogebi specializes in high-temperature mica products designed for electrical insulation, offering custom solutions for diverse industry requirements. Their products include mica tapes and sheets, available at

  • Location: Belgium
  • Products: Mica tapes, mica sheets, insulating materials
  • Website:

Usa Mica

From the United States, operates as a leading importer and stockist of a broad range of mica and mica products, focusing on providing solutions for high-temperature and electrical insulation applications. Their offerings include various types of mica sheets, such as clear and spotted, as well as specialized products like mica shields, lampshade mica, and corrugated mica. They are known for sourcing hard-to-find mica products tailored to specialty applications across industries.

  • Location: United States
  • Products: Clear Mica Sheets, Spotted Mica Sheets, Mica Shields, Mica Discs, Lampshade Mica, Mica Strainer Cores, Micanite, Mica Paper, Mica Tubes, Mica Washers, Corrugated Mica, Natural Mica, Stove Mica, V1 Mica
  • Website:

Spruce Pine Mica

Spruce Pine Mica in the USA focuses on natural mica mining and processing, providing a range of mica products essential for industrial applications. They offer mica sheets and flakes among other products.

  • Location: USA
  • Products: Mica sheets, mica flakes, ground mica
  • Website:

Ruby Mica

Ruby Mica, based in India, is dedicated to providing mica insulation solutions tailored to high-temperature and electrical applications. Their website,, offers more information on their mica sheets, tapes, and tubes.

  • Location: India
  • Products: Mica sheets, mica tapes, mica tubes
  • Website: 


Based in China, Highmica is renowned among mica sheet manufacturers for its advanced mica products tailored for electrical and thermal insulation. Their extensive product range includes mica sheets, mica tapes, and other insulating solutions tailored to meet global industrial needs. Discover more about their offerings at

Location: China

Products: Mica sheets, mica tapes, insulating materials


Asheville Mica

Asheville Mica in the USA combines traditional craftsmanship with modern technology to produce high-quality mica products suitable for a variety of applications. More details are available at

  • Location: USA
  • Products: Natural and synthetic mica sheets, mica flakes
  • Website:

Corona Films

Corona Films in India is known for its innovative manufacturing of mica films and sheets, catering primarily to the electronics industry with products designed for high performance.

  • Location: India
  • Products: Mica sheets, mica films
  • Website: 

Suzorite Mica

In Canada, Suzorite Mica specializes in the mining and processing of phlogopite mica, producing products used primarily in the construction and paint industries. Their main products include phlogopite mica sheets and ground mica.

  • Location: Canada
  • Products: Phlogopite mica sheets, ground mica
  • Website: Not available

Elmelin Ltd

The UK’s Elmelin Ltd focuses on industrial insulation solutions using mica to create products that enhance safety and efficiency in high-temperature environments. Visit for more information.

  • Location: UK
  • Products: Mica sheets, mica composites, mica insulation solutions
  • Website:

HPF The Mineral Engineers 

HPF The Mineral Engineers in Germany, part of the Quarzwerke Group, offers a broad range of mineral products, including high-quality mica used in various industries. Their website,, provides additional details.

  • Location: Germany
  • Products: Mica flour, muscovite and phlogopite mica
  • Website:

Reade International Corp

Reade International Corp in the USA offers a diverse array of mica products, focusing on custom solutions for industrial applications across many sectors. Their offerings include muscovite mica, mica flakes, and powders, with more information at

  • Location: USA
  • Products: Muscovite mica, mica flakes, mica powders
  • Website:

Mica-Tron Products Corp

Lastly, Mica-Tron Products Corp. in the USA specializes in the precision machining of mica, ceramics, and plastics

  • Location: USA
  • Products: Machine-ready mica blanks, mica discs, mica rods
  • Website:

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