Mica for Consumer Appliances

May 17, 2021

Mica is the premier choice for consumer appliance insulation due to its exceptional dielectric and thermal insulating capabilities that withstand the demands of high-temperature applications.

Mica is used as an insulator for hairdryers, microwaves, ovens, space heaters, capacitors, and various other consumer appliances. Mica’s application for consumer appliances is versatile because of its chemical, physical, electrical, thermal, and mechanical properties. Mica is available in rigid or flexible sheets in various sizes.

Mica sheets can transfer heat and cool down heating elements in consumer appliances. Rigid mica provides optimal insulation to consumer appliances with electrical heating elements. Additionally, mica provides thermal resistance making it an optimal insulation choice for applications with wires or cylindrical heating spirals.
Axim Mica’s in-house fabrication capabilities allow us to machine mica to the exact requirements of your appliance. Contact Axim Mica today to see how we can satisfy your insulation requirements.

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