Construction: Electrical & Fire Safety

The construction of all buildings requires the proper electrical connections and components that will process and supply electrical power. Hydro-electric, nuclear, and coal plants all need a properly insulated electrical current in order maintain functionality. Mica is a mineral with high quality thermal & electric properties. Mica with a dielectric strength of around 200MV/m, makes it a stronger application than any other substitute material that is used, such as silicon and polytetrafluoroethylene or Teflon.

All electrical systems working with any high voltages need specific, specialized insulation, to make sure they operate at a safe, stable, and efficient way. Mica insulation maximizes their useful life, while also ensuring the safe transmission of high voltage electricity.

Keeping the voltage stable is important in providing a reliable supply of electricity, as well as protecting any heavy-duty construction equipment from overheating or causing a fire. Any electrical equipment with the ability to overheat is susceptible to failure unless it utilizes mica technology/parts. Mica can also be used in capacitors, resistors, and flexible mica composites.

Our mica-based insulation solutions for construction are fire rated for building, which means they are non-combustible and do not contribute to fires. Reaching temperatures of over 900 degrees Celsius (Phlogopite), and 500 degrees Celsius (Muscovite). Making them suitable for large-scale construction-based projects undergoing a consistent amount of heat activity.


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