Teflon: Superior Insulation & Safety

Teflon PFA and PTFE are ideal for insulation and jacketing applications where low flammability, exceptional dielectric properties, high stress-crack resistance, chemical inertness, and thermal cycling capabilities are required.

Axim features a full line of Teflon products for wire insulation and jacketing with outstanding mechanical, thermal, and electrical properties. Axim’s Teflon products offer continuous service temperatures up to 260°C (500°F). In addition, Teflon PFA provides superior creep resistance at high temperatures, excellent low-temperature toughness, and exceptional flame resistance. 

Chemical Compatibility
– Teflon is the most chemically inert of all plastics

Electrical Reliability
– Superior reliability and retention of properties over large areas
– High dielectric strength

Wide thermal Range
– Continuous service temperatures -240⁰C to 260⁰C (-400⁰F to 500⁰F)
– Heat Sealable

Mechanical Toughness
– Superior Anti-stick and low frictional properties

Superior flame resistance

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Your Reliable Supplier for Teflon Products

Axim Mica stands as North America’s leading mica supplier, and also specializes in delivering unparalleled quality in Teflon products. With the largest inventory in the region, we pride ourselves on meeting and exceeding the diverse needs of our customers. From insulation to jacketing applications, Axim Mica offers a comprehensive range of Teflon solutions, ensuring you find all your essential materials in one convenient location.

What is Teflon?

Teflon, a brand name for PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene), revolutionized material science with its discovery in 1938. This fluoropolymer is celebrated for its remarkable properties, including resistance to high temperatures and chemicals, making it indispensable across various industries.

Teflon’s low-friction surface is not just a staple in cookware but extends its utility to electrical insulation, chemical tank liners, and more. Its ability to perform under extreme conditions — from -240°C to 260°C — ensures reliability in even the most demanding applications.

Axim Mica’s line of Teflon products harnesses these exceptional qualities to offer solutions that meet the highest standards of performance and safety.

Properties of Teflon

Comprised primarily of carbon and fluorine atoms, Teflon (PTFE) boasts an array of properties due to its unique molecular structure, making it indispensable in various applications:

  • Chemical Inertia: Teflon remains stable and unreactive with virtually all chemicals, making it ideal for use in harsh environments.

  • Electrical Insulation: With high dielectric strength, Teflon is an excellent insulator, protecting electrical circuits even under extreme conditions.

  • Wide Thermal Range: Capable of continuous service from -240°C to 260°C, Teflon handles drastic temperature changes without losing its integrity.

  • Mechanical Durability: Its low frictional properties and resistance to stress-cracks contribute to Teflon’s longevity in mechanical applications.

  • Flame Resistance: Teflon does not easily ignite, adding an essential layer of safety in applications prone to high temperatures.

Technical Parameters of Teflon

Chemical Composition
Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE)
2.07 g/cm³
Melting Temperature
327°C (620.6°F)
Service Temperature Range
-240°C to 260°C (-400°F to 500°F)
Dielectric Strength
59.7 kV/mm
Dielectric Constant
2.1 (at 1 kHz)
Coefficient of Friction
0.05 - 0.10 (dynamic)
Water Absorption
< 0.01%
Thermal Expansion
12 - 20 x 10^-5 /°C
Tensile Strength
21 - 35 MPa
Elongation at Break
200 - 400%

How Teflon Is Made

Producing teflon is a high-precision process that transforms basic chemical elements into the versatile material recognized for its exceptional properties:


The process begins with the polymerization of tetrafluoroethylene (TFE) gas, under controlled conditions, producing a fine, white powder - the base PTFE resin.


This resin is then mixed with a lubricant to facilitate molding; the mixture's ratio is crucial for maintaining Teflon's unique properties.


The mixture undergoes pre-forming under pressure to shape it into a moldable form without initiating the sintering process.


The pre-formed material is heated to high temperatures, causing the PTFE particles to fuse in a controlled sintering process, solidifying the material and enhancing its properties.

Cooling and Finishing

Finally, the sintered Teflon is slowly cooled and then undergoes finishing processes, including cutting and shaping into the final product, ready for a wide range of applications.

Types of Teflon Products by Axim Mica

At Axim Mica, our Teflon lineup is designed to meet a spectrum of industrial needs, highlighting two key variations that exemplify the versatility and performance of our offerings:

Teflon PFA (Perfluoroalkoxy alkanes)

Known for its superior ability to withstand continuous high temperatures and aggressive chemical environments, Teflon PFA is the material of choice for applications requiring utmost reliability and cleanliness. Its exceptional clarity and flexibility make it ideal for use in semiconductor, pharmaceutical, and laboratory settings.

Teflon PTFE (Polytetrafluoroethylene)

This is the original Teflon material that boasts remarkable chemical inertness, virtually universal resistance to chemicals, and a wide temperature service range. Teflon PTFE’s unparalleled low friction coefficient and non-stick properties are exploited in everything from cookware coatings to aerospace components.

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Industrial Applications of Teflon Products

Teflon’s unique properties enable its use across a vast array of industries and applications. Here are areas where Teflon products shine:

  • Electrical and Electronics

    Insulating cables and wires, offering remarkable dielectric strength and electrical insulation in critical components.

  • Chemical Processing

    Lining for pipes, tanks, and vessels, providing unmatched chemical resistance against corrosive substances.

  • Aerospace and Automotive

    Essential in manufacturing parts that demand high performance under extreme conditions, including hoses and seals.

  • Cookware and Kitchen Appliances

    Non-stick coatings for pans and baking equipment, enhancing durability and ease of cleaning.

  • Medical Devices

    Used in components that require high purity and biocompatibility, such as catheters and surgical instruments.

Benefits and Advantages of Teflon Products

Choosing Teflon products from Axim Mica brings a multitude of benefits that enhance both performance and user experience:

  • Superior Chemical Resistance

    Ensures long-lasting performance without degradation, even in the most corrosive environments, safeguarding your investments and processes.

  • Exceptional Heat Resistance

    Teflon's ability to withstand extreme temperatures means components remain functional and reliable, even under thermal stress, ensuring safety and integrity.

  • Low Friction Coefficient

    Results in smoother operations with reduced wear and tear on moving parts, leading to lower maintenance costs and extended equipment life.

  • Electrical Insulation

    Provides unmatched dielectric properties, essential for electrical and electronic applications, enhancing safety and preventing malfunctions.

  • Non-Stick Surface

    Simplifies cleaning and maintenance, particularly in cookware and processing equipment, saving time and improving hygiene.

Why Choose Axim Mica?

When it comes to sourcing Teflon products, partnering with Axim Mica comes with many advantages:

Unparalleled Expertise

With over 20 years leading the industry, our knowledge of Teflon applications ensures you receive top-tier advice and products.

Extensive Product Range

From PTFE to PFA, our vast inventory guarantees we can meet all your Teflon needs, no matter how specific.

Custom Solutions

Our ability to customize Teflon products means your unique requirements are precisely met, ensuring optimal performance.

Commitment to Quality

As an ISO 9001:2015 certified supplier, our Teflon products adhere to the highest quality and compliance standards.

Dedicated Customer Service

Our team is committed to your satisfaction, offering personalized support from initial inquiry through to product delivery.

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About Axim Mica

Axim Mica is your trusted partner in the mica in the Teflon product industry, boasting over two decades of expertise. With a commitment to excellence and a vast inventory spanning North America, we serve a diverse clientele with unparalleled quality and service.

Our ISO 9001:2015 certification underscores our dedication to maintaining the highest standards, making us the preferred choice for professionals seeking reliable mica and Teflon solutions. At Axim Mica, your success is our priority.

Quality Assurance: Committed to Excellence

Axim Mica is synonymous with excellence, holding the prestigious ISO 9001:2015 certification. This reflects our unwavering commitment to quality in every Teflon product we offer. Adhering to the RoHS Directive, we ensure environmental compliance and safety across our range.

Our dedication is further evidenced by sourcing materials only from RoHS-compliant vendors. For detailed insights into our compliance and quality standards, contact our dedicated quality team at

Trust Axim Mica to deliver superior quality, every time.

How It Works: Our 3-Step Process

Securing your Teflon solutions with Axim Mica is a straightforward process designed for your convenience and efficiency:

Step 1: Identify Your Needs

Determine the specific Teflon products you need, considering application, dimensions, and any custom specifications necessary for your project.

Step 2: Contact Our Team

Reach out to us via email at, phone at (516) 248-0045, or through our website. Our knowledgeable team is ready to provide tailored advice and support.

Step 3: Receive Your Quote

After assessing your needs, we’ll quickly provide a detailed quote that includes all necessary information, such as pricing and estimated delivery times, while transparency and your satisfaction a priority.

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Teflon is found in a wide variety of products, including non-stick cookware, insulation for electrical wires, performance fabrics, bearings, seals, and many industrial coatings to mitigate friction and chemical exposure.

Currently, Teflon’s applications extend beyond cookware to aerospace, automotive, electronics, and medical devices, thanks to its excellent heat resistance, chemical inertness, and low friction properties.

Products containing Teflon typically feature it in their specifications or marketing materials. For cookware and textiles, look for labels indicating “PTFE” or the Teflon brand. In industrial products, consult the manufacturer’s data.

Teflon functions primarily to provide a non-reactive, low-friction surface that resists high temperatures and chemicals. This makes it ideal for applications requiring smooth operation, durability, and protection against harsh conditions.