Mica Cable Tape

In situations calling for wire insulation that can withstand high temperatures, exhibit fire resistance, and maintain circuit integrity under extreme conditions of up to 500°C and voltage levels of up to 1000 volts, engineers find themselves in need of insulation materials that surpass the limitations of conventional cables employing traditional extruded rubber or plastics.

Axim’s Airex cable tapes are designed to offer unique high-temperature features for various applications. These tapes are made from thin inorganic mica paper bonded with silicone resins, providing exceptional performance in high-temperature environments. Key features and applications of Axim’s Airex Cable tapes include:

Strength Member:  The tapes can be bonded with glass, polyethylene, or polyester film, offering a range of strength and durability options.

Precision Slitting: These tapes can be precision slit to widths small as 3mm, allowing for precise and customized applications.

Spiral Wrapping: Airex cable tapes can be spiral wrapped on wires as small as 22 gauge, making them suitable for a wide range of wire sizes.

Applications: Airex cable tapes are commonly used in high-temperature appliances, igniter cables for furnaces, thermocouple cables, and other high-temperature cable applications. They are also used in military shipboard cables where low smoke halogen-free cables are required.

Composition: Airex is made of high-grade Phlogopite, Muscovite or synthetic mica paper impregnated with a specially developed high temperature resistant silicone resin and reinforced with a glass cloth or PE film.

Airex PGC – glass cloth reinforced Phlogopite mica tape
Airex MGC – glass cloth reinforced Muscovite mica tape
Airex SGC – glass cloth reinforced Synthetic mica tape
Airex PPE – PE film reinforced Phlogopite mica tape
Airex MPE – PE film reinforced Muscovite tape

Widths: These tapes are available in widths as thin as 3 mils, providing flexibility in design and applications.

Lengths: 300 – 2000 m

Packaging Options: Airex cable tapes are provided in slit pads or traverse wound spools, offering manufacturers long continuous tape lengths without bulky, pressure-sensitive tape splices that can create a bulge in the insulation wall. This reduces taping machine downtime and improves overall efficiency.

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