Mica Commutators

For commutators to function effectively, a reliable insulator is required to separate the components within the commutator. Axim’s AX-COMMUTATOR, with its exceptional thermal and electric insulation properties, is an ideal material for use in commutators.

AX-COMMUTATOR M & P sheets are hard, dense mica plates employed in segments, separators, and spacers, offering excellent electrical and thermal properties, as well as mechanical strength. Key features of AX-COMMUTATOR M & P sheets include:

Thickness: Available in thicknesses ranging from 0.20 to 2.00 mm.

Size: Offered in standard widths of 1000 mm and lengths of 600 mm or 1200 mm.

Customization: Can be sawed, sheared, and punched into custom shapes, with superior uniformity enabling automatic feeding and stacking in high-speed assembly operations.

These sheets are utilized in a wide range of small and medium-sized commutators for various household applications, industrial equipment, and power tools.

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