Mica Commutators

NEMA Compliant Mica Commutators

For commutators to function effectively, a reliable insulator is required to separate the components within the commutator. Axim’s AX-COMMUTATOR, with its exceptional thermal and electric insulation properties, is an ideal material for use in commutators.

AX-COMMUTATOR M & P sheets are hard, dense mica plates employed in segments, separators, and spacers, offering excellent electrical and thermal properties, as well as mechanical strength. Key features of AX-COMMUTATOR M & P sheets include:

Thickness: Available in thicknesses ranging from 0.20 to 2.00 mm.

Size: Offered in standard widths of 1000 mm and lengths of 600 mm or 1200 mm.

Customization: Can be sawed, sheared, and punched into custom shapes, with superior uniformity enabling automatic feeding and stacking in high-speed assembly operations.

These sheets are utilized in a wide range of small and medium-sized commutators for various household applications, industrial equipment, and power tools.

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Axim Mica: Top Choice for Mica Commutators

Choosing Axim Mica means entrusting the life of your critical motor and generator components to an industry leader in mica insulation solutions.

In addition to being the #1 mica supplier in the USA and Canada, you can trust our air-tight manufacturing process to produce only quality and reliable mica commutators.

As a turnkey mica manufacturer, our extensive inventory ensures you face no delays, making Axim Mica the top choice for industries across North America. Let’s power your projects to the next level with the known precision and professionalism that set us apart.

Understanding Mica Commutators

Originating in the early electrical engineering era, mica commutators have revolutionized electric motors and generators.

The underlying material, mica, has superior insulation which helps prevent electrical shorts and withstands extreme heat to improve device longevity.

While their delicate assembly demands precision, the advantages—including enhanced durability and performance—solidify their preference.

Despite their need for precise installation, mica commutators emerge as the superior choice. They vastly outperform other materials in thermal and electrical insulation, making them essential in today’s high-demand electrical applications.

Key Properties of Mica Commutators

Mica commutators are pivotal in electric motors and generators for their unique attributes such as:

Electrical Insulation:

Mica bars electrical shorts dead in their tracks, ensuring smooth motor and generator operations.

High Temperature Resilience

High operational temperatures? No problem. Mica thrives under heat without breaking a sweat.

Tough Under Pressure

Mica brings surprising toughness to commutators, standing up to the rigorous demands of rotating machines.

Reduced Electrical Losses

Engineered for efficiency, mica commutators cut down on energy dissipation, boosting device performance.

Designed for Speed

High-speed applications meet their match in mica commutators, designed for stability and peak reliability.

Customization: Tailoring Mica Commutators for Precision Applications

No task is too complex or specific for Axim Mica. Our mica commutators are customizable to the T. From fine-tuning dimensions to optimizing for particular environments, we shape mica to fit your precise demands. Whether it’s adapting to extreme temperatures or specific voltage requirements, our engineering team crafts mica commutators that slot seamlessly into your application. With Axim Mica, perfection isn’t just a goal—it’s a guarantee.

Technical Parameters

Material Composition
High-Grade Muscovite or Phlogopite Mica
Voltage Tolerance
Up to 1000V AC/DC
Thermal Resistance
-196°C to +1000°C (Depending on Mica Type)
Dielectric Strength
20 kV/mm or higher
Insulation Resistance
> 10^17 Ohm
Flexural Strength
150 - 210 MPa
Compression Strength
50 - 200 MPa
Segment Thickness
0.1mm - 3mm (Customizable)
Binder Type
Silicone, Epoxy, or Shellac
Standard Sheet Size
1000mm x 600mm (Custom sizes available)
ISO 9001:2015, RoHS, REACH, UL

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How Our Mica Commutators Are Processed/Made

The journey of creating Axim Mica’s esteemed mica commutators is rooted in a meticulous process:

  • Mica Selection

    We start with premium-grade mica, known for its exceptional electrical insulation and thermal properties.

  • Grinding into Fine Powder

    The selected mica is then ground into a fine powder, providing the base material for the commutator.

  • Forming Layers

    This mica powder is layered, under pressure, with a resin binder to form sheets that will become the commutator segments.

  • Cutting and Shaping

    These mica-resin sheets are precisely cut and shaped into the commutator segments.

  • Assembly

    The segments are expertly assembled, with insulating properties between each, onto a shaft, forming the final commutator ready for installation.

Why Mica Commutators from Axim Mica Stand Out

Selecting Axim Mica means more than just exceptional products; it’s choosing a partner invested in your success. Here’s why Axim Mica distinguishes itself as a premier brand:

Innovation and Expertise

At the core of Axim Mica is an unwavering commitment to innovation. With decades of experience, we blend traditional expertise with cutting-edge technology, setting new industry standards.

Tailored Engineering Solutions

We understand the unique challenges our clients face. This understanding drives our ability to offer bespoke solutions, ensuring that every need is not just met but exceeded.

Unmatched Quality Assurance

Our commitment to excellence is evident in our rigorous testing and adherence to NEMA standards. Every mica commutator from Axim Mica guarantees unmatched reliability and longevity, setting us apart in the industry.

Trusted Globally

From local innovators to global industry leaders, clients around the world trust Axim Mica for their critical mica commutator components. Our reputation is built on consistent delivery of superior products that drive the success of diverse projects.

Dedicated Support and Service

At Axim Mica, we value the relationships with our clients. Offering dedicated support throughout the project lifecycle, we stand by our clients from the initial consultation through to post-sale support.

Our Commitment to Excellence

Proudly ISO 9001:2015 certified, Axim Mica exemplifies top-tier quality management in every facet. This accreditation, alongside strict compliance with environmental and safety regulations, showcases our unwavering commitment. Every product undergoes rigorous testing, ensuring reliability, excellence, and complete customer satisfaction.

Trust in Axim Mica for quality that sets industry standards.

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At Axim Mica, we bring over 20 years of expertise and the largest inventory in North America to over 13,000 clients, fueling industries like aerospace and automotive.

Our commitment shines in every high-quality, heat-resistant mica product we offer, ensuring easy installation and exceptional performance.

Axim Mica is your trusted supplier offering you on-time deliveries, constant improvements on products, and commitment to your requirements.

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Frequently Asked Questions

In commutators, mica serves as an insulating material between the copper segments. Its excellent electrical insulation properties prevent short circuits, ensuring efficient and safe motor operation.

Mica in generators functions as an insulating layer within the commutator and between windings. This protects against electrical leakage, enhances durability, and ensures the generator runs smoothly under high voltage conditions.

Mica is widely utilized in electrical applications for its superior insulation properties. It’s employed in capacitors, high-voltage equipment, and thermal insulators, providing stability and safety across various conditions and temperatures.

Mica separators are used in commutators to electrically insulate each copper segment. This separation is crucial to prevent short circuits and maintain the integrity of the electrical path, ensuring the commutator functions efficiently.