Lampshade Mica

Elegant Lampshade Mica Sheets

AXIM has the highest quality of lampshade mica sheets in North America. Our Lampshade mica is made with real mica flakes, combined with an organic shellac or epoxy binder to give it that unique color.

AXIM offers lampshade mica in several sizes, thicknesses and various color options to meet your requirements.

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Decorative lampshade mica is easily cut using heavy shears, band saw or scroll saw. Lampshade mica sheets are moldable when evenly heated and gently molded over a form until cool. Instructions available upon request.

Here are just a few of our customers’ work using our lampshade mica.

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The Process Behind AXIM Mica Lampshade Creation

At Axim Mica, our specialized expertise shines through crafting exceptional lampshade mica. Selecting only superior golden muscovite flakes, our technicians leverage proven fabrication protocols to laminate resilient, consistent panels. 

With meticulous custom sanding and smoothing completed in-house, we expertly finish uniform sheets across a beautiful variety of translucency grades and sizing.

We happily provide specialized guidance on safely molding our mica into custom lamp forms for stunning illumination effects. 

With pristine base materials and reliable hands-on support, lighting artists trust integrating Axim mica into elegant, durable fixtures that elevate aesthetic experiences.

We take pride in seeing our quality components transformed into beautiful lamps.

About Lampshade Mica

What You Need to Know

The use of mica in lampshades originated in the early 1900s when American coppersmith Dirk Van Erp first designed mica-infused lampshades. These shades gave off a striking, warm, fire-like glow.

Over the following decades, mica grew popular among lighting designers for its heat resistance and beautiful ambient light diffusion. Advancements enabling more intricate mica fabrication expanded usage across table lamps, sconces and chandeliers.

Today, fine decorative fixtures rely on artfully placed lampshade mica films to produce an elegant yet enduring glow. Mica remains valued for lending fixtures optimal aesthetic appeal and performance.

Properties of Lampshade Mica

Properties of Lampshade Mica

Mica's sheer, pliable mineral sheets allow creative lampshade shaping into lighting that feels tailored.

Light Ambiance Enhancement

Golden muscovite and amber phlogopite mica varieties uniquely transmit gorgeous ambient tones.

Flawless Fabrication & Beauty

These lightweight natural minerals flawlessly laminate into ornamental shades that feel bespoke yet endure beautifully.

Color Versatility

With AXIM's advanced color-matching technology, our lampshade mica comes in several base colors and can now be customized to fit specific color requirements.

Unparalleled Quality & Artistry

Known for elegance and custom artistry, mica enables the fabrication of quality lampshades that diffuse high-end, enduring illumination.

Optimal Illumination & Protection

Smooth mica films enhance aesthetic appeal through uniform glow distribution and glare reduction. Mica insulates heat over 600°C for protected durability while resisting weathering.

Reliable Mica Supplier for Custom Lampshade Mica

Axim Mica has been a reliable supplier of quality lampshade mica for over two decades and is North America’s leading mica company.

Using premium muscovite and custom epoxy blends, our skilled team expertly fabricates durable, custom-cut lampshade mica for industry-leading lamp manufacturers.

With the largest in-stock mica inventory and consistent on-time delivery, small and enterprise lighting businesses trust us to supply their lampshade mica needs.

Contact Axim Mica today to order superior lampshade mica crafted to your requirements.

Why Choose Axim Mica?

When you choose Axim Mica, you gain more than a supplier; we’re pioneers in crafting top-tier lampshade mica. With us, you unlock a partnership that promises more than mere satisfaction — we guarantee a legacy of quality and innovation.

Our commitment? We deliver excellence with every piece. With Axim Mica, you don’t just get superior lampshade mica; you gain a trusted ally in your lighting design empire.


Tailoring Lampshade Mica for Bespoke Lighting Applications

Craft your ideal lampshade with Axim Mica’s customizable mica sheets, tailored to fit your exact specifications. Choose from various sizes, thicknesses, and colors to meet your project’s unique needs. Our precision-cut sheets ensure a perfect fit for any lampshade design, supporting both small-scale and large-volume orders with ease. Benefit from rapid turnaround times and exceptional customer service, making your design process smooth and efficient.

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Lampshade Mica Technical Specifications ​

  • Material Composition:

    Superior quality muscovite and phlogopite mica, ensuring high durability and performance.

  • Thickness Range:

    From ultra-thin films of 0.001 inch to thick rigid sheets up to 0.25 inch, accommodating a variety of lighting design needs.

  • Heat Resistance:

    Mica withstands temperatures over 600°C, offering superior insulation for lampshades positioned close to light sources.

  • Color Options:

    A plethora of base colors with advanced color-matching technology for personalizing to specific design requirements.

  • Size Availability:

    Custom sheet sizing with dimensions up to 36 x 48 inches tailored for your unique projects.

Types of Lampshade Mica from Axim

  • Clear Golden Muscovite:

    Maximizes light transmission for clarity.

  • Natural White:

    Achieves translucent soft white diffusion.

  • Warm Amber Tints:

    Creates a gentle, candlelight-style ambiance.

  • Vibrant Color Tints:

    Offers a spectrum of customizable shades.

  • Opaque Mica:

    Focuses lighting direction, minimizes light passage.

  • Ultra-Thin Films:

    Ideal for delicate, ambient lighting.

  • Thick Rigid Sheets:

    Provides structural support for lampshades.

  • Custom Sheet Sizing:

    Tailored cuts for specific design visions.

Benefits and Advantages

Optimal Light Diffusion – The thin translucent quality of mica sheets helps soften and uniformly distribute bulb illumination. This creates pleasing, low-glare ambient lighting effects.

Heat Resistance – Mica has powerful insulation properties of over 600°C, providing durable heat protection under bulbs over time.

Enhanced Decor – Color-tinted mica and thin sheets produce a beautiful shimmery glow-enhancing decorative style. Ornament cuts also allow artistry.

Customizable Shaping – Reheated mica can be gently molded into many bespoke lampshade forms, perfect for custom fixture designs.

Safety & Compliance – Mica meets critical safety standards for lighting components. It is certified non-conductive and flame retardant.

Quality Assurance: ISO Certified Mica Supplier

Axim Mica remains North America’s only mica company ISO 9001:2015 certified. This highlights our ongoing commitment to the lampshade industry’s highest manufacturing quality standards. Additionally, our processes stay compliant through several trusted agencies, including CE, IEC, and RoHS continually.

With documentation transparency guided by these internationally recognized evaluation bodies, lighting businesses can reliably trust that Axim Mica’s mica components meet necessary authenticity benchmarks. In fact, our robust participation in pursuing accreditation spotlights our dedication to supplying lampshade businesses with certified products that both durably perform and safely function as vital lighting fixture parts.

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Here is a simplified 3-step process for ordering lampshade mica from Axim Mica.

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Reach out to our experts online or call (516) 248-0045 to discuss your custom lighting material needs.

Step 2: Receive Your Custom Quote

Supply your design requirements and our team provides prompt quotation pricing on cut-to-size sheets, fabrications, finishing, and more.

Step 3: Order with Ease

Place and order and relax as we handle the end-to-end manufacturing and timely nationwide delivery of your bespoke lampshade mica.

Frequently Asked Questions

A mica lampshade refers to a lighting lampshade that contains a translucent mica film or panel integrated into its fixture to diffuse illumination. Mica lends decorative ambient lighting effects.

As mica is sensitive and brittle, laminated lampshade mica should be cut gradually using specialized tools like steel rulers and heavy-duty shears. Mica saws or lasers allow ornate precision cuts. Always support mica sheets fully when cutting.

Use a soft duster or brush to gently remove any surface dust on the lampshade. For cleaning smudges, lightly wipe with a microfiber cloth, warm water, and mild dish soap.

Typically, a fire-resistant backing or lining material such as styrene or mica is used inside lampshades to ensure safety, reflect light effectively and protect the outer decorative material.