Choosing the proper ceramic material can be difficult. Here are some typical material uses to point you in the right direction. Please click on each of the materials for a material property chart.

Axim Mica manufactures many diverse product lines utilizing different ceramic materials and processes. As a qualified supplier to many world-class companies, Axim Mica are used in a wide variety of high temperature applications.

Being used in electrical applications, a major benefit of ceramics is that it allows for high resistivity which can be used in a wide array of electrical projects. Unlike metals, the conductivity of ceramics increases as temperature increases. One can also use metalizing/brazing techniques, to join ceramics with other ceramics or metals!

All our ceramics can withstand high temperatures between 1,000°C- 2700°C (Temperatures vary with each ceramic).

Here are our main ceramics along with some of their main properties:


  1. Alumina (Strength, Thermal stability, High dielectric level)
  2. Cordierite (High thermal shock resistance, Low dielectric level)
  3. Mullite (High temperature resistance, Low thermal conductivity)
  4. Steatite (High resistivity, High electrical conductivity)
  5. Zirconia (Chemical resistance, Ionic conductivity, High density)
  6. Zirconia Toughed Alumina (High Strength, Corrosion Resistance)


From the production of metal castings weighing over 100 tons to precision parts requiring ceramic tolerances of 0.001″, customers can depend on Axim to supply quality ceramic products that meet or exceed their expectations.

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