Ceramic Fiber Rope / Tapes

Axim’s Ceramic fiber ropes and tape are produced by high quality refractory ceramic fiber and woven from yarn. It can be used for high temperature applications up to1050°C. The cloth is reinforced with fiberglass filament, and optional SUS304 wire (Inconel/alloy steel wire). Or even short working temperature could be reached to 1260°C. It has good resistance to acid corrosion, resistant aluminum, zinc and other molten metal erosion.

Axim’s ceramic fiber twisted rope is fabricated from ceramic fiber yarn twisted left hand/right hand together to form a rope of specified diameters ranging from 3 mm to 50 mm, with glass filament, stainless steel wire or high temperature alloy wire inserted to provide high strength at elevated temperature.

Axim’s ceramic fiber square braided rope (square packing) is dense, resilient, high performance ceramic fiber material plaited from E-glass, stainless steel wire or high temperature alloy wire inserted ceramic fiber yarn to form a packing in square section.

Available as twisted rope, square braided rope and round braided rope. 

Diameter: 6x6mm – 60x60mm

Length: 20 m / roll, 25 m / roll, 30 m / roll, 50 m / roll

Working temperature: 800°-1000°C

Custom sizes available as well.


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