Ceramic Fiber Paper

Ceramic Fiber Blankets and Paper

Axim’s ceramic fiber paper offers high temperature resistance, very low thermal conductivity, chemical corrosion resistance and thermal shock stability. Ceramic fiber paper is made by wet forming process.


●  High temperature stability
●  Low thermal conductivity
●  Low heat storage
●  Close tolerance with excellent surface finish
●  Easy to cut, drill or saw

Specifications and Packaging
The standard volume and high-dimensional paper has 610mm, 1200mm width. Thickness from 0.5mm to 6mm and various lengths.

Classification Temperature
2300°F, 2480°F, 2600°F

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Ceramic Fiber Blanket Paper

Our Ceramic Fiber Paper is your project’s trusted sidekick, ready to shield and support with its superhero-like thermal resistance and flexibility.

This isn’t just any insulation—it’s the game-changer your industry has been waiting for, wrapping your projects in a layer of unmatched protection and efficiency. Ready to elevate your insulation game with Axim Mica?

What is a Ceramic Fiber Paper

Axim Mica’s Ceramic Fiber Paper is developed with a focus on superior thermal management capabilities.

Created through a detail-oriented wet forming process, it stands out in high-temperature applications, maintaining stability up to 2600°F. Characterized by its low thermal conductivity and reduced heat storage, it enhances energy efficiency across various settings.

Furthermore, its versatility allows for easy modification—whether cutting, drilling, or sawing—to meet specific requirements, showcasing a commitment to providing advanced industrial insulation solutions.

Properties of Ceramic Fiber Paper

Axim Mica Ceramic Fiber Paper is a fusion of carefully selected materials, each contributing to its superior performance in high-temperature applications. Here’s what sets it apart:

Wet Formed Composition

Using a unique wet forming process, this method allows for uniform distribution of the ceramic fibers in the paper.

Ceramic Fibers

At the core of our paper are high-grade ceramic fibers, known for their excellent thermal stability. These fibers can withstand extreme temperatures, making them ideal for use in environments up to 2600°F.

Low Thermal Conductivity Fillers

Incorporated into the ceramic fiber mix are specially chosen fillers that significantly reduce the paper's thermal conductivity. This ensures effective insulation by minimizing heat transfer.

Binder System

A carefully formulated binder system is employed to hold the ceramic fibers and fillers together. This system is designed to burn out cleanly at elevated temperatures, leaving behind a pure and efficient insulating material.

Surface Finish and Tolerance Control

Thanks to the manufacturing process, our Ceramic Fiber Paper boasts a smooth surface finish and tight tolerances on thickness. This precision allows for accurate, consistent application across a variety of industrial uses.

Technical Specifications of a Ceramic Fiber Paper

Classification Temperature
Ranges from 2300°F (1260°C) to 2600°F (1427°C)
Typically varies, aiming for low density to enhance insulation properties
Thickness Range
From 0.5mm to 6mm, catering to different application needs
Widths Available
Standard widths include 610mm and 1200mm
Low Thermal Conductivity
Designed for minimal heat transfer, enhancing thermal insulation efficiency
Chemical Corrosion Resistance
Resistant to various chemical agents, ensuring durability in harsh environments
Thermal Shock Stability
Maintains integrity and performance through thermal cycling processes
Low Heat Storage
Optimizes operational efficiency by reducing the time needed for heating up or cooling down

How Ceramic Fiber Paper is Made

In the creation of Axim Mica’s Ceramic Fiber Paper, we embrace a process as meticulous as it is mindful, ensuring every sheet not only meets but surpasses our strict standards for quality and performance.

Selection of Premium Materials

Like selecting the perfect ingredients for a nourishing meal, we pick materials that promise the highest thermal efficiency and durability. This means choosing the finest natural ceramic fibers and fillers that reflect our commitment to both quality and sustainability.

The Wet Forming Process

Envision the precise combination of high-quality materials—this is the essence of the wet forming process. We expertly mix ceramic fibers with selected binders and fillers to reach an optimal composition. This carefully engineered mixture is then spread into sheets, transforming into a harmonious blend of strength and flexibility, tailored for the rigorous demands of technical industries and manufacturing applications involving ceramic fiber paper.

Precision Drying and Cutting

Much like crafting the perfect bowl, where each element is layered with care, our sheets are precisely dried to lock in their insulating properties. We then cut, drill, or saw the paper into various sizes and shapes, ensuring a custom fit for any application, as seamlessly as ingredients come together on a plate.

Quality Control

Before our Ceramic Fiber Paper makes its journey to you, it undergoes a rigorous quality check. Like the final taste test ensuring every flavor is in perfect harmony, we inspect each sheet to guarantee it meets our high benchmarks for thermal insulation and performance.

Types of Ceramic Fiber Paper

While Ceramic Fiber Paper from Axim Mica is crafted for universal high-temperature insulation applications, it’s designed to cater to specific needs through a range of specifications:

  • Standard Thickness: Ranging from ultra-thin 0.5mm for delicate applications up to robust 6mm for more demanding insulation needs.

  • Width Options: Available in standard widths of 610mm and 1200mm, ensuring there’s a fit for nearly any requirement and reducing the need for extensive modifications.

  • Temperature Classification: With options including 2300°F (1260°C), 2480°F (1427°C), and up to 2600°F (1427°C), our paper can be chosen based on the maximum temperature resistance needed for your project.

  • Customizable Lengths: Cut-to-size options are readily available, allowing the paper to fit specific dimensions required by diverse applications, enhancing its adaptability and utility.

Applications of Ceramic Fiber Paper

Axim Mica’s Ceramic Fiber Paper is versatile and adaptable, designed to meet the insulation needs of various industries. Here are some key applications:

  • Thermal Insulation for High-Temperature Furnaces

    Provides efficient heat containment and minimizes energy loss.

  • Gasketing and Sealing Solutions

    Ideal for creating tight seals in heating appliances, offering both flexibility and durability.

  • Electrical Insulation

    Serves as an effective insulator in electrical appliances, protecting against heat and enhancing safety.

  • Automotive Exhaust Systems

    Used in exhaust wraps and heat shields, it withstands high temperatures while preventing heat transfer.

  • Protective Wrapping

    Shields sensitive components in aerospace and automotive industries from heat damage.

  • Kilns and Ovens

    Insulates and improves energy efficiency in ceramics and glass manufacturing processes.

  • Fire Protection

    Acts as a fire barrier in construction and industrial settings, adding an extra layer of safety.

Benefits and Advantages of Ceramic Fiber Paper

In every industry, efficiency isn’t just an advantage — it’s a necessity. Axim Mica’s Ceramic Fiber Paper embodies this principle, offering a suite of benefits engineered to transform your approach to insulation. Discover how our dedication to innovation empowers your projects:

  • Supreme Heat Resistance

    Designed to withstand extreme temperatures, safeguarding your equipment and processes.

  • Outstanding Thermal Insulation

    Minimizes energy loss with unparalleled low thermal conductivity, driving operational efficiency.

  • Flexible Utility

    Easily shapes to your specifications, ensuring a seamless fit for any application.

  • Enhanced Safety

    Provides robust fire protection, contributing to a safer work environment.

  • Eco-friendly

    With its efficient insulation, it contributes to reduced energy consumption, aligning with sustainable practices.

  • Long-Term Durability

    High-quality materials promise longevity and consistent performance, reducing replacement frequency and costs.

About Axim Mica

At Axim Mica, we’ve grown from modest beginnings into a beacon of innovation in North America’s insulation industry. With over 20 years under our belt, we’ve emerged as leaders, dedicated to delivering world-class ceramic fiber solutions. Our journey is fueled by a passion for excellence, crafting materials that power industries and drive progress. Welcome to Axim Mica—where expertise meets innovation.

Quality Assurance: ISO Certified Mica Supplier

Axim Mica is anchored in a legacy of excellence, underscored by our ISO 9001:2015 certification. Our commitment to unparalleled quality is the cornerstone of our operations, ensuring every product delivered meets the zenith of reliability and performance. Embrace the assurance of partnering with a supplier where premium quality and diligent compliance form the very fabric of our identity. With Axim Mica, excellence is not just promised; it’s certified.

How It Works: Ordering from Axim Mica

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Frequently Asked Questions About Ceramic Fiber Paper

Ceramic fiber paper is a lightweight, flexible insulation material made from high-purity alumino-silicate fibers. It’s designed for high-temperature applications, offering excellent thermal resistance and stability.

It’s composed of high-purity ceramic fibers, often mixed with binders to enhance flexibility and strength. These fibers are derived from a blend of alumina and silica, ensuring the paper’s superior thermal properties.

Key properties include high temperature stability, low thermal conductivity, minimal heat storage, and resistance to thermal shock. Its fine, uniform texture also allows for precise cutting and installation, making it adaptable to various applications.