Many heater and electrical insulators are made out of Axim’s steatite material because of its relatively high temperature and electrical resistance, and relatively low cost.

Axim’s steatite is a Magnesium Silicate material. It is formed using standard ceramic processing methods and can readily be machined or net shape sintered into a variety of forms. The material is lower in cost than Alumina but offers reduced mechanical properties. However, steatite has excellent electrical resistance properties, which are retained at high temperatures, along with moderate mechanical strength and temperature resistance. Axim’s steatite parts have been used in electrical insulation for many years in both large-scale electrical systems and electronic and domestic appliances.

  • Excellent electrical properties
  • High resistivity
  • Very low dielectric loss factor
  • Moderate strength
  • Low density

  • Regulator bases
  • Switches and plug parts
  • Sockets
  • Bases for halogen lamps
  • Heating Element Holders
  • Stand-Off Insulators
  • Washers and Bushings

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