How Mica Controls Thermal Runaway

September 12, 2020

Thermal Runway when it comes to battery packs is the hottest discussion in the Electric Vehicle market.


What does Thermal Runway mean?


Thermal runaway is the rapid increase in temperature of an electric vehicle battery pack that propagates to neighboring battery cells.


Thermal runaway occurs when battery cells malfunction which increases the pressure and temperature within the cell. Ultimately the cell will rupture and propagate, heating adjacent cells causing the battery pack to reach dangerous temperatures. 


Electric vehicle manufacturers hear similar concerns from consumers regarding range anxiety and lengthy charging times. Electric vehicles manufacturers must prioritize the thermal management of their electric vehicle battery packs to ensure the drivers safety. 


Mica sheets are an essential component in slowing down the thermal runaway progression.


Mica sheets can be used as thermal insulators surrounding electric vehicle battery pack cells.


Whether its 2D flat parts or 3D molded parts, we have your solution.


Axim Mica offers heat shield insulation, flame retardant barriers, and component specific heat shields for electric vehicles. These products are durable and flexible, helping slow down thermal runaway propagation in electric vehicles.

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